Cabin Fever 2008

Chapter L brings home the wood - again!



Event Place Group/Individual
Parade  1st place   Chapter L
Talent Show 1st place  Chapter L
Best Theme Dress 2nd place  Chapter L
Crazy Shirt Contest  1st place  Steve Albert, Chapter L
Drag Race – Women 1st place     Kristen Albert, Chapter L
Puzzle  2nd place  

Steve & Kristen Albert, Chapter L

Puzzle  3rd place  Randy & Gail Hiser, Chapter L
Line Dancing Appreciation Debbie Winkler
Music & Video  Appreciation Tim & Anita Kendrick

Download the mp3 recording (made by the participates)
that we played during the parade here...


Photos from the weekend...

(photos contributed by Pauline Boderone, Carl Hauser, Gail Hiser,
Tim Kendrick, Judy O'Rourke and Judy Wycoff)


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