April 2001 Meeting

Better safety through appropriate riding gear...


Butch Royse gave and excellent presentation
using chapter members favorite protective riding apparel. 

butchandpauline.jpg (69901 bytes)
Pauline talked about her Nolan helmet, leather chaps & jacket...


tom2.jpg (57920 bytes)
Tom talked about gloves, boots and Kevlar riding jackets & pants...


tom1.jpg (58865 bytes)pat1.jpg (61103 bytes)
Tom & Pat received bumble bee wings 


pat2.jpg (45347 bytes)
Our Mrs. CD and Newsletter Editor - Pat Runck


tom3.jpg (57156 bytes)butt.jpg (47677 bytes)
Tom has special jeans to go with his pink tights and leather chaps...


tom4.jpg (39099 bytes)
What do you think Roger is thinking?


tomonspot.jpg (70095 bytes)
Tom was On-The-Spot again
for loosing his bike key inside
the bike while installing some
 new accessories...


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