Wing Ding XXII

Billings, Montana

July 4-7, 2000

Photos & captions provided by Jim & Brenda Pennington

024.jpg (30186 bytes) Newspaper about Wing Ding
001.jpg (40335 bytes) Denny & Linda Hahn at Wing Ding
003.jpg (40470 bytes) Getting ready to go to the vendor's area
004.jpg (44776 bytes) Is that a yellow bike ... or what?
005.jpg (53712 bytes) Wings over the Smokies windshield cover with Rally Forms
006.jpg (30421 bytes) Custom Wing inside vendor area
007.jpg (35770 bytes) Going to the vendor's area
008.jpg (50892 bytes) Some like it pink
009.jpg (45323 bytes) Mr. Pinky would like this...
010.jpg (48976 bytes) Bikes at Wing Ding
011.jpg (45252 bytes) Custom Trailer
012.jpg (36658 bytes) Bikes Parked at Wing Ding
013.jpg (32887 bytes) More bikes Parked at Wing Ding
014.jpg (28468 bytes) More bikes Parked at Wing Ding
015.jpg (48013 bytes) Trike?
016.jpg (32678 bytes) Leaving...
017.jpg (27963 bytes) Traveling...
019.jpg (25882 bytes) Red Lodge, Montana
020.jpg (32242 bytes) Downtown Red Lodge
021.jpg (46910 bytes) Downtown Red Lodge
022.jpg (47271 bytes) Beartooth Highway Rest Stop
023.jpg (44246 bytes) Cooke City, Wyoming
025.jpg (37484 bytes) A scenic view...


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