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Tom Runck up to no good 5/13/99

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Chapter L,s Christmas Party 12/15/99

xmess.jpg (73 KB)     



Mr. CJ, at Chapter L,s Christmas Party 12/15/99

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Rich Hesse caught with his pants down (after a rain)

PantsDown.jpg (111 KB)     



The Kids at St. Joseph Fun Run 9/18/99

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On the Ride to Amish Country, in Indiana 8/22/99

amish.jpg (87 KB)     



In front of wall in Portsmouth, Ohio 5/16/99

wall.jpg (53 KB)     



This photo was taken over ten years ago, July 1989, on a trip to Alaska. Riding toward Denali (Mt. McKinley elev. 20,320 ft msl) (this photo was taken by Jim Pennington over the windshield of his wing while travelling about 50 miles per hour.)

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